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Tile Cutting Wheel

EJ Carbide Co.,Ltd provide carbide tile cutter ,glass cutter as customized,also with normal size in stock.
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Price:USD 0.11-1.195/pc
Tile Cutting Wheel
Tile cutting wheel normal size
No. Specification Diameter(mm) Hole diameter(mm) Thickness(mm)
1 22*6*2.0 22 6 2.0
2 22*6*4.7 22 6 4.7
3 22*10.5*2.0 22 10.5 2.0
4 16*6*3.0 16 6 3.0
5 16*6*2.0 16 6 2.0
6 15*6*1.5 15 6 1.5
7 13.5*6*2.0 13.5 6 2.0
8 20*5*3.0 20 5 3.0
9 18*6*3.0 18 6 3.0
10 12*3*3.0 12 3 3.0

EJ tile cutting wheel use high-quality tungsten carbide cobalt carbide  raw material, cutter knife wheel,glass cutter wheel introduce advanced scientific formula of the material, with high hardness, good toughness, good wear resistance and excellent cutting performance, after a dedicated High precision, ej tile cutter wheel with neatly incision,provide sharp, smooth and high precision cutting, glass and tile cutting length can reach more than 5000 meters,cutting thickness range is: 0.7-20mm, cutting accuracy ≤ ± 0.25mm (mm), cutting accuracy is not less than ± 0.25mm.

Cutting wheel with automatic oil lubrication. It is the ideal cutting tool for all kinds of float glass, lattice glass, calendered glass, glass tube and glass-ceramic, ceramic tile, wall-to-wall, waist line.ej glass/tile cutting wheel (including diamond glass cutter,oiling glass cutter,germany type six wheels glass cutter,steel scriber)can be used in various float glass production lines, Rolled glass and glass-ceramic production line of online cutting, more suitable for deep-processing all kinds of glass cutting machine on the efficient cutting.

tile cutting wheel supplier
It’s quality problem ceramic tile break during cutting ?

We have multiple situation:

Firstly,Ceramic tile too dry,break due to thermal stress during this case , we can steep tile to solve.

Second, without quality problem, but cutting worker bring too much outside force …we know how to handle this .

Reason for construction technology; cutting large ceramic tile,we need steep the tile first, and cutting a shoal groove as cutting position, then penetrating cutting according shoal groove, otherwise, it will be easy to break.

Check your cutting tool or tile cutter, tile will be shattered if our tool shake seriously. Also tile cutter is an important section,it must be suitable thickness ,perfect outline, proper hardness and strength, or else we will have much break challenge .

At last, after inspected all above items, still break ? please check ceramic tile material, put tile in a flat sand bed, use rubber hammer rap the tile center with a proper strength ( almost same as the power you put it ),it must be material problem if break. don’t hesitate to change tile material in this situation.

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