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Tungsten Carbide Section

Carbide Saw Tips

EJ Carbide offers carbide saw tips for wood,soft metal,panel and steel.
We have normal size carbide saw tips in stock,also produce as customized.

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Tungsten carbide saw tips for wood,steel,iron,and aluminum products introduction:

1.Tungsten carbide ( Cemented Carbide) saw tips (saw bit) Application:
Wood use saw tips: ordinary wood, hard wood, recycled wood,
Soft metal: aluminum and copper, lead and other non-ferrous metals, soft metals,
Panel : industrial plywood, MDF and sandwich panels, and other professional cutting,
Steel : professional cutting for steel, metal and other .

2. Carbide saw tips insert surface quality requirements:

Carbide saw tips surface must not be stratified, crack and bubbling, obvious decarburization and other defects. as for the cutting edge of saw balde, the maximum size of off-angle shall not exceed 0.15mm, off-angle not on the cutting adge shall not be greater than 0.3mm.

3. Carbide saw blade tips surface color requirements:

After surface treatment, saw blade uniform color, no debris, no oil and so on. After passivation the surface color is gray-black, after sandblasted the surface color is silver-gray, after coating is become silver-white.

4. Tungsten carbide saw blade tips welding recommendations:  Can use resistance welding, the temperature should not be too high.

5.EJ Carbide saw blade chips package and transportation:

saw blade per 1Kg with plastic bottle, placed in a dry cardboard box, with paper or cotton Cypriot, the carton placed in wooden box, or plastic box. Each carton box weight shall not exceed 30Kg. Products should be transported to prevent moisture, not a violent collision. The product should be stored in a dry, acid and alkali atmosphere, to prevent corrosion. Product storage period should not be more than one year, one year after the product should be re-used to deal with discoloration.

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