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Tungsten Carbide Section

Tungsten Carbide Disc

Tungsten carbide disc used as metal knife,punching die,tungsten steel bush and wear-resistant parts.
We have normal size carbide disc in stock,also produce as customized.

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Description Grade
Tungsten carbide disc application:

1. Suitable for making cast iron roll and high nickel-chromium roll dressing forming knife.
2. Apply to the production of discharge plate, punching die, punch, electronic progressive die and other stamping dies.
3. Can be used as tungsten steel bush.
4. Make wear-resistant parts,our tungsten carbide disc outer diameter range 30mm to 800mm.

Tungsten Carbide is an alloy material composed of a hard refractory metal compound and bonding metal by powder metallurgy process.

Tungsten carbide wtih high hardness, wear resistance,strength and good tenacity,heat-resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of good properties.especially it’s excellent hardness and wear-resistance,make it stay the same during 500
,and with eminent hardness during 1000℃.
Tungsten carbide disc application
ISO Grade Application
K05 Applicable to the commutator, flange processing
M05 First choice for Stainless steel case processing, especially for processing 304 ,316 and other difficult processing stainless steel,also suitable for milling alloy steel.
M10 first choice for disc cutter ,Suitable for low speed milling of heat-resistant alloys and titanium alloys, especially for cutting knives and taps,also used for stainless steel and ordinary alloy steel finishing and semi-finishing processing.
K20 First choice for PCB circuit board processing, also used for cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloys, non-metallic materials, finishing milling, especially for high speed milling of copper, aluminum, magnesium alloy.
K25 General use economic grade, for cast iron, non-ferrous metal cutting, especially for the production of V-cut knife.
K25 Ceramic grade,best choice for high speed processing of circuit board , excellent heat resistance and anti-sticking knife performance, high cutting efficiency, cost-effective.

Tungsten carbide grade properties
Grade Density  g/cm² Strength  ≥ N/cm² Hardness  ≥ HRA ISO
YG6 14.5-14.9 1380 89 K20
YG6X 14.6-15.0 1420 91 K10
YG8 14.5-14.9 1600 89.5 K30
YG10X 14.3-14.7 2200 89.5 K35
YK15 14.2-14.6 2100 91 K15 K20
YS2T 14.4-14.6 2200 91.5 K30
YT15 11.0-11.7 1150 91 P10
YT14 11.2-12.0 1270 90.5 P20
YT5 12.5-13.2 1430 89.5 P30
YS25 12.8-13.2 2000 91 P20 P40
YS30 12.45 1800 91 P25 P30
YW1 12.6-13.5 1180 91.5 M10
YW2 12.4-13.5 1350 90.5 M20
YW3 12.7-13.3 1300 92 M10 M20
YL10.1 14.9 1900 91.5 K15 K25 M10 M30
YL10.2 14.5 2200 91.5 K25 K35 M25 M40
YG3X 14.6-15.2 1320 92 K05
YG6A 14.6-15.0 1370 91.5 K10
YG15 13.9-14.2 2100 87  
YG20 13.4-13.7 2500 85  
YG20C 13.4-13.7 2200 82  

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