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HSS Drill Bit

3/4 inch HSS Drill Bit

EJ Carbide offers 3/4 inch HSS Drill Bit,and with a wide range of HSS drill bit in stock.
EJ Carbide offers a wide range of drills,including high cobalt drill,HSS drill,carbide drill.diameter from 0.1mm to 60mm as customized.
Carbide Drill            HSS Drill
3/4 inch HSS Drill Bit

Used for stainless steel,soft austenitic stainless steel,carbon steel,heat treatable steel,cast iron,mold steel,Aluminum

Dimensions for 3/4 inch HSS Drill Bit (mm):
Specification           Length          Cutting length        Work length        Shank diameter
3/4 inch HSS Drill Bit 165mm 116mm -- 3/4"

Straight shank HSS twist drill bit(high speed steel drill bit) is one of the most widely used hole machining tool. Diameter usually in the range of 5mm to 100 mm. It mainly consists in working parts(cutting parts) and shanks. The working part has two spiral grooves, shaped like twist, hence the name.

Straight shank twist HSS drill bit composition.
Twist drill according to its different functions, can be divided into three parts:
1. The handle, the part of the drill for the fixture, and convey the power (torque and axial force) required to borehole.
2. Drill neck, located between the blade body and the transition between the shank part. It is usually used as an empty knife slot for wheel retraction.
3. Drill body, drilling bit work part. Consist by the cutting part (ie drill tip) and the guide part.

Straight shank twist drill bit installation points
Straight shank twist drill bit installation should pay attention to ensure the entire shaft normal operation, change the pulley easy to slide out of the drive shaft end, below are installnation tips:
1, with a drill chuck installed
This clamping method is suitable for mounting straight shank bits. As it is the use of drill chuck taper shank inserted into the lathe tailstock sleeve, when the drill into the drill chuck after the three claws and then use the key to install the clamp, so generally can only be installed Φ13mm below the straight handle drill.
2, with a drill sleeve installed
When the taper shank number of the straight shank twist drill bit coincides with the taper hole number of the lathe tailstock, the taper shank can be inserted directly into the lathe tailstock sleeve; however, if the numbers are different, the drill sleeve transition is used. For example, the drill bit taper is No. 2, and the lathe tailstock sleeve cone hole is 4, then it is necessary to use the outer 2 and 3 outside the 4 two drill sets, the first two sets of drill sets in the drill, and then And then into the lathe tailstock. When removing the drill bit from the drill sleeve, it is generally necessary to use a special oblique iron to insert it from the waist hole at the end of the sleeve. After tapping the oblique iron gently, the drill bit is squeezed out.
3, with V-shaped slot iron installation
This method is to install the drill on the turret, do not use the lathe tailstock installation. As long as the application of two V-shaped slot to drill (straight shank drill bit) installed in the knife, the high and low alignment center, you can use automatic feed.
4, with special tools to install
Straight handle twist drill can be inserted in the special tool cone hole 1, special tool 2 box part caught in the knife. Adjust the high and low, you can use automatic feed drilling. Generally, the tapered hole of the special tool is made into the No.4 cone of the special tool. If the drill bit is not matched with the tapered hole number, it can be used. The drill bit can be used. If it is a straight shank, drill chuck can be used in the special tool Inside, with a drill chuck to install.


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