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HSS Drill Bit

1 inch HSS Morse Taper Drilling Bit

EJ Carbide offers 1 inch HSS Morse Taper Drilling Bit,and with a wide range of morse taper drill bit.can also do morse taper drilling bit as per customers' needs.
EJ Carbide offers a wide range of drills,including high cobalt drill,HSS drill,carbide drill.diameter from 0.1mm to 60mm as customized.
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1 inch HSS Morse Taper Drilling Bit

Used for stainless steel,soft austenitic stainless steel,carbon steel,heat treatable steel,cast iron,mold steel,Aluminum

Dimensions for 1 inch HSS Morse Taper Drilling Bit (mm):
Specification           Length            Cutting length            Shank diameter          Morse   
1 inch morse drill bit 300mm 210mm 1 inch(25.4mm) 3

Morse taper drill bit working part has two spiral grooves, shaped like twist, so sometimes called twist drill bit. Different with the straight handle shank twist drilling bit,morse taper shank twist drill bit shank is a taper. Different dimensions twist drill, with different Morse taper.
Morse taper is an international standard for taper, used for static fit to pinpoint. As the taper is very small, use the principle of friction, can pass a certain torque,also because the with taper, so the morse taper drill bit can easily disassemble. In the same taper within a certain range, the workpiece can be free disassembly, while will not affect the use effect at the same time, such as hole drilling taper shank drill bit, if need to demolition drill bit during drilling, reinstalled after disassemble Will not affect the center of the drill bit.
Points for use morse taper shank twist drill bit
1, the drill should be installed in a special box, to avoid vibration collide with each other.
2, when used, remove the drill from the box should be installed to the spindle chuck or automatically replace the drill tool library. Run out immediately into the box.
3, measuring the diameter of the drill using a tool microscope and other non-contact measuring instruments, to avoid cutting edge and mechanical measuring instrument contact was bruised.
4, some CNC drilling machine using the positioning ring Some CNC drilling machine does not use the positioning ring, such as the use of positioning ring when the installation of the depth of positioning must be accurate, if not use the positioning ring of the drill to the spindle extension to adjust Consistent, multi-spindle drilling machine to pay attention to this point, so that each spindle drilling depth to be consistent. If the inconsistency is likely to drill the drill bit to the table or can not drill through the circuit board to cause scrapping.
5, usually 40 times the use of three-dimensional microscope to check the drill bit cutting edge wear.
6, to always check the spindle and spring chucks concentricity and spring chuck clamping force, concentricity will cause a small diameter drill bit drill and large aperture, etc., clamping force will cause the actual speed and Set the speed does not meet, chuck and drill between the slippery.
7, handle the drill bit in the spring chuck on the length of the drill handle diameter of 4 to 5 times to clamp.
8, to always check the spindle presser foot. Press the foot contact surface to the level and the vertical axis can not shake, to prevent drilling holes and drill holes.
9, the bed of the vacuum effect is better, the dust can reduce the temperature of the drill bit, colleagues take away the dust to reduce friction to produce high temperature.
10, the substrate stack, including the upper and lower pad to the drill table on a hole in a slot-type positioning system positioning prison, flat. Use adhesive tape to prevent drill bit drilling on the tape so that the drill bit sticks to the chip, causing the chip to be difficult and broken.
The above is the note for use of morse taper shank twist drill bit.

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