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HSS Drill Bit

1-1/2 inch Morse Cone Drill Bit

EJ Carbide offers 1-1/2 inch Morse Cone Drill Bit,and with a wide range of morse cone taper drill bit.can also do as per customers' needs.
EJ Carbide offers a wide range of drills,including high cobalt drill,HSS drill,carbide drill.diameter from 0.1mm to 60mm as customized.
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1-1/2 inch Morse Cone Drill Bit

Used for stainless steel,soft austenitic stainless steel,carbon steel,heat treatable steel,cast iron,mold steel,Aluminum

Dimensions for 1-1/2 inch Morse Cone Drill Bit (mm):
Specification           Length          Cutting length          Shank diameter        Morse 
1-1/2 inch morse drill bit  320mm 225mm 1-1/2 inch(38.1mm) 4

Morse taper drill bit working part has two spiral grooves, shaped like twist, so sometimes called twist drill bit. Different with the straight handle shank twist drilling bit,morse taper shank twist drill bit shank is a taper. Different dimensions twist drill, with different Morse taper.
Morse taper is an international standard for taper, used for static fit to pinpoint. As the taper is very small, use the principle of friction, can pass a certain torque,also because the with taper, so the morse taper drill bit can easily disassemble. In the same taper within a certain range, the workpiece can be free disassembly, while will not affect the use effect at the same time, such as hole drilling taper shank drill bit, if need to demolition drill bit during drilling, reinstalled after disassemble Will not affect the center of the drill bit.
Generally more than 13mm in diameter with a morse taper shank, diameter below 13mm with a straight handle. Mainly to consider the convenience of clamping and have enough clamping force. Small drill bit made of cone is obviously not worthwhile, so made straight handle.

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