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Tool Holder

Tool Holder

We have standard types tools in stock,also produce as customized.

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EJ Carbide offers a complete range of tool holder,including turning(threading,parting and grooving),milling and drilling tool holder.

EJ Carbide tool holder catalogue

With newly developed double-clamping structure ,EJ carbide turning tools have high clamping rigidity and high positioning accuracy, achieving easy and secure clamping of inserts. It is the best choice for the clamping of straight hole negative inserts.

Convenient secure clamping device

① Slots in the tool body match perfectly with the clamp, realizing simple and easy clamping.
② Arc locating surface makes large contact area and the force is evenly distributed
③ Heave parts on both ends and double-locating make more insert clamp secure.

EJ carbide double-clamping toolholder compared with lever-clamping
》 Accurate locating ensures more stable machining accuracy .
》 High clamping rigidity effectively improves resistance to breakage of insert.

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