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Carbide End Mill

Endmill Sharpener

End mill sharpener used to grind carbide and high speed steel(HSS) endmill diameter from 4mm to 13mm.

Delivery time: 2-5 workdays.

Provide various type of sharpener machine.
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Endmill Sharpener

Simple and easy operation.
Take one minute to make old knives become new one.

Product model: 4-13
Product voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Sharpening diameter: 4-13mm
Motor power: 400W
End Angle Range: 90°-145°
Engine speed: 5800r/min
Gross weight: 18KG
Net weight: 15kg
* ER collet 10 pcs ( ER20-4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13)
* Diamond grinding wheel for diameter 6-13: 1 pc
* Diamond grinding wheel for diameter 4-5: 1 pc
* Fixture for 2 and 4 flute: 1 set
* Fixture for 3 flute: 1 set
*Adjust shim: 3 pcs
* Wrench: 1 pc

Carbide endmill sharpener used to grind carbide end mill diameter 4mm to 13mm.
Endmill Sharpener Package:
endmill sharpener package from EJ Carbide tool

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