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Carbide Drill

Printed Circuit Board Drill Bit

We have normal size printed circuit board drill bit in stock,also produce as customized.
EJ Carbide offers a wide range of drills,including high cobalt drill,HSS drill,carbide drill.diameter from 0.05mm to 60mm。
Also produce drills as customers' needs.

Printed Circuit Board Drill Bit

With standard size in stock, also produce as customer's needs.

Materials:     Solid Carbide(Tungsten Steel)
Helix Angle:     30°, 35° or as customer's choice
Point Angle:     130°,135°,140° or as customer's choice
Dimensions:     Diameter 0.1mm to 6.35mm

1.Precision machining by high accurate facility
2.Highly wear-resistant grade
3.Excellent surface finish for superior chip evacuation
4.First choice for drilling of PCB,circuit board,stainless steel,mold,plastic etc

1. PCB, normal FR-4, CEM-3 boards, environmental protection board, SMT, CNC, molds, plastic, stainless steel and precision hardware processing;
2. Circuit board, carbon fiber, composite board, and so on.

printed circuit board drill bit

Printed circuit board drill bit selection and use:
In the production of printed circuit board, drilling is a very important process, it directly affects the accuracy and quality of the printed circuit board, its expensive facility wear and the consumption of raw materials such as drill bits, upper and lower mats, Occupies a pivotal position, so we must give enough attention.
In the drilling work, the choice of drill bit and reasonable use is very critical. It directly affects the quality of the drilling. PCB drill length is generally 38.1mm, for a dedicated drilling machine, drill length of 32mm. Drill bit in the NC drilling machine because of the automatic tool change function, so the drill shank is a standard, metric drill shank directly to 3mm, inch drill handle shank diameter of 3.175mm. Drill bit flute length depends on the diameter of the drill bit, the smaller the diameter the smaller the groove, such as the diameter of 0.1mm drill, slot length only 2mm,slot length with 12mm for general diameter of 1.0mm or more.

There are two kinds of blade tip types, one is the ordinary type, the drill screw angle is divided into 30°35° 37° and so on, its tip angle ranging from 120° to 150°, this drill bit is mainly used for epoxy glass printed circuit board, phenolic Paper printed circuit boards, double-sided printed circuit boards and so on. The other is the big head type, that is, the tip of the drill part of the spade, the diameter of the drill bit diameter, behind the chip flute is smaller than the diameter, in order to facilitate chip removal and heat, this bit is mainly used for high-speed drilling , Multi-layer printed circuit boards, etc., but the price is slightly higher, after grinding edge diameter will become smaller, low utilization rate.

We offer a wide range of drills, including solid carbide drills,high speed steel drill bit,high cobalt twist drill,micro drills, flat bottom drills,deep hole drills,small hole drill bit, and drills for specific materials like aluminum, steel, stainless steels, irons, and other materials.


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