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Carbide End Mill

Flat endmills for steel processing HRC55°

With a wide range of flat endmill for steel processing HRC55 in stock.
We can also do flat endmill for steel as per customers’ needs.
Flat endmills for steel processing HRC55°
With standard size in stock, also produce as customer's needs.
flat end mill for steel processing hrc55
Materials: Solid Carbide(Tungsten Steel)
Helix Angle: 30°, 35°,45° or as customer's choice
Dimensions: Diameter 1mm to 28mm,can also do as customized.
Flute:2 flutes,3 flutes,4 flutes.

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Used for stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, graphite, plastic parts, composite materials, titanium alloy, nickel, heat-resistant steel, non-alloy steel,steel < HRC55 .
carbide flat endmills for steel processing
Dimensions for Flat endmills for steel processing HRC55° (mm):
Code            Cutting Diameter  Shank diameter  Cutting length    Total length   
EY45-0100 4 4 8 50
EY45-0200 5 5 13 50
EY45-0300 6 6 16 50
EY45-0500 7 7 20 60
EY45-0600 8 8 20 60
EY45-0800 9 9 22 75
EY45-1000 10 10 25 75
EY45-1200 12 12 30 75
EY45-1400 14 14 32 75
EY45-1600 16 16 45 100
EY45-2000 20 20 45 100
Basic requirements for end mill cutting edge material:
1) high hardness and wear resistance: at room temperature, cutting part material must have enough hardness to cut into the workpiece; with high wear resistance, the tool is not wear, extend the service life.
2) good heat resistance: the cutting tool in the cutting process will produce a lot of heat, especially in the cutting speed is high, the temperature will be high, so the tool material should have good heat resistance, both at high temperatures still Can maintain a high hardness, can continue to cut the performance, this has the nature of high temperature hardness, also known as hot hard or red hardness.
3) high strength and good toughness: in the cutting process, the tool to bear a great impact, so the tool material to have a high strength, or easy to break and damage. As the milling cutter will be the impact and vibration, therefore, milling cutter material should also have good toughness, it is not easy to chipping, fragmentation.
One main end mill material-tungsten carbide: metal carbide, tungsten carbide, titanium carbide and cobalt-based metal binder made by the powder metallurgy process.
Its main features are as follows: high temperature, 800-10000C or so can still maintain a good cutting performance, cutting can be used when the high-speed steel than 4-8 times the cutting speed. High temperature hardness, good wear resistance. Low bending strength, poor impact toughness, the blade is not easy to wear very sharp.

EJ Carbide flat endmill for steel processing including:2,3 and 4 fluts flat end mill,falt end mill with HRC45,HRC55,HRC58,HRC60 and HRC65.can also produce flat end mill for steel processing as customer's needs.

Price list for solid carbide end mill
Pirce list for aluminum processing carbide flat end mill

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