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Carbide Drill

Carbide drill bit 0.05mm-3.175mm mini drill bit

Wide selection in stock.
Standards & Specials custom tool.
Carbide drill bit 0.05mm-3.175mm mini drill bit
With standard size in stock, also produce as customer's needs.

Materials:     Solid Carbide(Tungsten Steel)
Helix Angle:     30°, 35° or as customer's choice
Point Angle:     130°,135°,140° or as customer's choice
Dimensions:     Diameter 0.05mm to 3.175mm

1.Precision machining by high accurate facility
2.Highly wear-resistant grade
3.Excellent surface finish for superior chip evacuation
4.First choice for drilling of PCB,circuit board,stainless steel,mold,plastic etc

Standard size sheet(in stock):
D0.5 D0.6 D0.7 D0.8 D0.9 D1.00 D1.10 D1.20 D1.30 1.40 D1.50
D1.60 D1.70 D1.80 D1.90 D2.00 D2.10 D2.20 D2.30 D2.40 D2.50 D2.60
D2.70 D2.80 D2.90 D3.00 D3.10 D3.175 / / / / /

carbide mini drill bit 0.05mm to 3.175mm choose EJ Carbide

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