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DWLNL2525M08 tool holder on sale,shipping in 3 workdays

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Update time : 2018-10-09 10:47:08
External turning tool
Code number:    DWLNL2525M08
  • Hardness:    HRC43-47
  • Coating:    Nickel
  • Usage:    External turning
  • Material:    60Si2Mn
  • Type:    External turning tool
  • Coating:    black or silver
  • Insert specification:    WN**0804**,WNMG080404,WNMG080408
  • Width:    25mm
  • Length:    150mm
  • Unit price:     USD 11.76/pc
  • Delivery time:     in 3 workdays
EJ Carbide DWLNL2525M08 holder
Product Overview
Product function: used for CNC lathes, can also be used for ordinary lathes.
Accessories Description: Accessories made of high quality steel, in which the screw strength level is 12.9.
Product advantages: use of high quality alloy spring steel, the tool is more wear-resistant, long service life, while the strength and rigidity of the tool is better, the cutting is more stable,not easy to shake the knife, the blade has a longer service life, the surface finish of the workpiece being processed And the dimensional accuracy is higher. At the same time, the use of tools and blades under severe conditions is not easy to damage.
Heat treatment process: The tool heat treatment, we use advanced heat treatment equipment to ensure product consistency and uniformity of hardness. Hardness reaches HRC45-50.
High-precision machining: High-precision machining center is used for processing to ensure high precision and surface finish of the product.
Detection and Accuracy: The product is fully inspected during production and assembly, and a 0.01mm-thick feeler gauge is used to inspect the insert groove to ensure that the blade and the cutter fit tightly. Special tolerances are used to check the tolerance of the center height to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the product.

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