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45 steel cutting speed with solid carbide cutting tool

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Update time : 2018-10-14 09:35:08

Tungsten carbide cutting tool be widely used to cutting high hardness materials,such as high hardness iron,carbon iron,stainless steel, steel(including 45 steel).here with cutting speed reference data for cutting 45 steel with solid carbide cutting tool(carbide end mill carbide drill).
4x50 solid carbide end mill hrc55
The principle of cutting depth ap: In roughing, it is often done once as far as the tool allows, but the cutting depth H<(1/4-1/6)pmin mentioned above requires two cuttings. In the first cutting, 2/3 or 3/4 of the machining allowance is removed, and the principle of decreasing is adopted. Considering the depth of cut, the free-cutting workability of the workpiece material and the performance of the tool material are also considered.

Cutting speed selection:
     The higher the cutting speed, the higher the machining efficiency and the lower the durability of the tool. When cutting plastic materials, if medium-speed cutting is most likely to cause built-up edge and increase the roughness of the machining, the cutting speed should be avoided in this interval. However, when the tool material is cemented carbide(solid tungsten carbide), the cutting speed can be higher than that of high-speed steel. Because the hardness of the cemented carbide tool is better, in the case of the same tool, when the easy-cut coefficient of the workpiece material is large, the cutting can be performed at a higher speed. For example, the aluminum alloy has a large cutting coefficient, but the cutting speed is 300 min. The easy-cutting coefficient of normal steel No. 45 is smaller than that of aluminum alloy.