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Carbide Insert

Tungsten Carbide General Pitch Threading Insert AG60

Threading insert with General pitch thread,ISO metric thread,Whitworth thread,Unified thread,British standard taper piper thread,American standard taper piper thread.

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Tungsten Carbide General Pitch Threading Insert AG60
Special black Coating on the surface can make the inserts smooth ,diminish friction and help identify abrasion.
The inner layer of  unique coating has outstanding wear resistance.
 Function and application of wiper for threading inserts
  1. Reduce machining procedures
Before threading, it is unnecessary to finish the threaded part,which could be done by wiperto make the major diameter achieve the desired dimensions and surface quality.
  1. Automatically remove burrs
The wiper on the threading insert realizes finishing on major diameter of machined threading,making it unnecessary to remove burrs after machining and ensuring good surface quality.
Design features of threading inserts chipbreaker
  1. Outstanding chip breaking performance
Corrugated chipbreaker on the rake face of threading inserts lift the chip flow,direct its movement along the front of chipbreaker and control its shape for a small curvature radius.
  1. Chipbreaker design with good generality
Because of the special chipbreaker structure, the moving,curling and breaking of chips are mainly controlled by the insert itself, therefore, desirable results can be obtained for different materials and with different cutting parameters.

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