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Carbide Drill

Solid Carbide Center Drill

We also produce center drill as customers' special requirements.
EJ Carbide offers a wide range of drills,diameter from 0.05mm to 60mm。
Also produce drills as customers' needs.

Solid Carbide Center Drill

With standard size in stock, also produce as customer's needs.

Processing steel, cast iron, aluminum processing, stainless steel, titanium and other metal materials.

solid carbide center core drill bit

Dimensions for solid carbide center drill (mm):
   Code Diameter  Shank Diameter Flute Length   Total Length  Flute Angle    
EY11-0050 0.5 3.15 0.8 40 2 60°
EY11-0080 0.8 3.15 1.1 40 2 60°
EY11-0100 1 3.15 1.3 40 2 60°
EY11-0125 1.25 3.15 1.6 40 2 60°
EY11-0160 1.6 4 2 50 2 60°
EY11-0200 2 5 2.5 50 2 60°
EY11-0250 2.5 6.3 3.1 50 2 60°
EY11-0315 3.15 8 3.9 50 2 60°
EY11-0400 4 10 5 56 2 60°
EY11-0500 5 12.5 6.3 63 2 60°
EY11-0600 6 16 8 71 2 60°
EY11-0630 6.3 16 8 71 2 60°
EY11-0800 8 20 10.1 80 2 60°
EY11-1000 10 25 12.8 100 0 60°

Center drill bit used for the pre-positioning of the hole processing, guide twist drill hole processing, reduce the error. The center drill is used for center hole machining on the end face of parts such as shafts.
Classification of center drill:
Center drill bit is cutting light, good chip removal. There are two types of center drill: Type A: Center drill without guard cone, Type B: Center drill with guard cone, usually use center drill without guard cone when centering hole with diameter d = 1 ~ 10mm. if workpiece require high precision, in order to avoid the 60-degree center cone is damaged, usually choose the central cone with a cone (B-type).
The center hole is the positioning base on the top of shaft hole workpiece. The 60 ° taper hole of the center is matched with the 60 ° cone on the top. The small round hole in the inside is suitable for the tapered hole and the top cone, and can store a small amount of lube oil (butter). The central hole is common with type A and type B. Type A center hole only 60 ° cone hole. The 120 ° cone outer of type B is also known as a protective cone to protect the outer edge of the 60 ° taper hole from being damaged. Type A and Type B center holes, respectively with the corresponding center drill processing in a lathe or special machine tool. Before machining the center hole, the end of the shaft should be flat to prevent the center drill from breaking, standard center drill angle is generally 118 degrees.
Center drill use instruction:
  1.  The user must select the center drill according to the hole type and the hole size of the machined part.
  2. The most appropriate hardness of the workpiece is between 170-200HB.
  3. Before using the tool, you must wash the rust-proof grease, so as not to stick on the blade edge to impact cutting performance.
  4. The workpiece surface should be smooth, no trachoma or hard spots,to prevent the center drill be damaged.
  5. The center drill before drilling should reach the desired position accuracy.
  6. Cutting fluid: According to the processing object to choose a different cutting fluid, cooling should be sufficient.
  7. Note: should immediately stop if the processing with abnormal circumstances , find out the reasons before processing; pay attention to the edge of the wear and tear in time to repair; to clean oil after use , safe custody.
We offer a wide range of drills, including solid carbide drills,high speed steel drill bit,high cobalt twist drill,micro drills, flat bottom drills,deep hole drills, and drills for specific materials like aluminum, steel, stainless steels, irons, and other materials.

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