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Parting and Grooving Tool Holder QEGD2020R/L22

We have standard parting and grooving tool holder in stock,also produce as customized.

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EJ Carbide offers a complete range of tool holder,including turning(threading,parting and grooving),milling and drilling tool holder.

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Parting and Grooving Tool Holder QEGD2020R/L22

QEGD2020R/L22 is A single tool with multiple application such as grooving,parting and profile turning.reduce tools categories needed.
Installed with grooving inserts,the tool realizes grooving and transverse cutting,it is multifunctional.

The maximum slot depth machinable is 30mm.

The maximum parting diameter is 60mm

Application sketch map of turning tools: Parting,grooving and threading tools:

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