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Carbide Insert

Carbide Insert

Carbide insert for turning,milling,parting,grooving and threading.
We have 125 types of standard carbide inserts in stock,also produce as customized.

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Description Grade
EJ Carbide offers a complete range of ISO-style and ANSI-style carbide inserts. We offer positive, negative, CVD, PVD, and uncoated carbide inserts, including turning (threading, parting and grooving) and milling inserts.these carbide inserts can increase productivity and help you save money.

EJ Carbide inserts catalogue

Tungsten carbide insert with high hardness and wear resistance,cutting performance much higher than HSS,durability is several times to several dozen times of high-speed it’s good cutting performance,tungsten carbide is widely used as cutting tool material .

During cutting machining, tool performance with decisive influence to cutting efficiency, precision, surface quality. Two important key index for tungsten carbide tool performance---hardness and strength always with conflict, high hardness material with low strength,while increase strength always as the cost of reduce order to solve this tungsten carbide material conflict,better improve cutting performance for tool’s,
Coating is an effective method,to improve cutting  efficiency , increase machining precision, prolong tool’s service life and reduce processing cost.

EJ Carbide insert coating types:
  1. CVD vapor deposition coating
Coating material is TiC,increase tungsten carbide tools’ service life with 1-3 times . thick coating,dull cutting edge,good to improve cutting speed and lifetime.
  1. PVD physical vapor deposition coating
Coating material is TiC,TiAIN and Ti(C,N),increase tungsten carbide tools’ service life with 2-10 times.thin coating, sharp cutting edge,good to reduce cutting force. maximum coating thickness ≤16μm .

Carbide Insert Grade
Grade Usage
EY518 A matrix with good toughness and high security of cutting edge.suitable for steel semi-finishing.
EY318 With high wear resistance,used for finishing and semi-finishing of cast iron materials.
EY3818 Matrix with special structure, with excellent resistance against diffusive wear and plastic deformation makes it suitable for finishing ,semi-finishing and roughing of stainless steel.
EY6818 The matrix with high strength and resistance against plastic deformation, suitable for steel roughing.
EY3513 New CVD grade for high-efficiency machining of stainless steel. Shows excellent capacity at cutting with high cutting depth, high feed rate and high speed .
EY815 A improved impact toughness and abrasion resistance,which makes it suitable for finishing and semi-finishing of steel at high speed.cutting speed can increase by more than 25%,while the tool life can increase by more than 30%at the same cutting speed.
EY515 This grade has high capability against plastic deformation and good hardness of cutting’s a preferred grade for machining of steel from finishing to roughing.under the same cutting conditions,the cutting speed can be increased by more than 25%, while the tool life can be 30% longer than the same cutting speed.
EY6515 Suitable for wet milling of cast iron,which requires toughness at moderateor low is also suitable for intermittent turning.
EY9525 PVD coating,suitable for finishing and semi-finishing of various materials and turning of super alloy.
EY9825 Used for turning of various materials and finishing and semi-finishing of high-temperature alloys.


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