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Carbide Drill

Carbide drill bit extra long

Do extra long carbide drill bit as customers' needs.
Carbide drill bit extra long
With standard size in stock, also produce as customer's needs.

Materials:     Solid Carbide(Tungsten Steel)
Helix Angle:     30°, 35° or as customer's choice
Point Angle:     120° , 130°,135°,140° or as customer's choice
Coating :    TiAIN/AITiN or as customers' needs
Flute:     2/3 flutes or as customers' needs
Shank Type:    Round
Tolerance Held:    H6/H10
Measurement System:     Metric/Inch
Dimensions:      Produce according to customer's size requirement.

1.Highly wear-resistant and hot resistance
2.Suitable for machining most steel,hard alloy metal and other hard materials.

For structural steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, ductile iron, non-ferrous metals and other common materials processing. Strong centering ability, can obtain stable dimensional accuracy and good surface quality, suitable for processing system steel excellent occasions.

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