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Tapping Tool

1/2-13 inch Tapping Tool

Coating 1/2-13 inch tapping tool,coating optional.

1/2-13 inch HSS Cobalt Tapping Tool with TIALN coating

Used for stainless steel,soft austenitic stainless steel,carbon steel,heat treatable steel,cast iron,mold steel,Aluminum

Dimensions for 1/2-13 inch HSS Cobalt Tapping Tool with TIALN coating(mm):
Specification Length Cutting length Work length Shank diameter Shank square
1/2-13 3-3/8" 1" -- 0.367" 0.275*7/16"

How to identify the quality of taps
There are many taps on the market, because the use of different materials, same specifications’price also a lot of difference,
I do not know what to buy, the following teach you a few simple ways to identify tapping tools’ quality:
To see, whether the cutting edge of the knife is a quick mouth, good was positive 7-shaped, bad was inverted 7 words or U-shaped (exit the wire tapping will cause two cutting, Easy to break and affect the accuracy of the thread
Detection of heat treatment situation: pull wire cone to the air was parabola (5 meters) flat down whether the break, broken that brittle
Knock the tap, see it fracture is long, fracture of the grain (microstructure 10.5 #) fine particles, indicating good heat treatment and material.
The quality of the tap is mainly depends on its original material, heat treatment, groove type, precision, equipment, speed and processing material, hardness, the quality of the staff, etc., more than the relationship! Select the tap, pay special attention to the original material, heat treatment and groove,for different processing holes, it is recommended to choose different types of tap!
In practice, the grinding of the edge is very important, especially for the stainless steel series, you can use the sub-cutting, and the direction of the lengthened, cutting mouth should be ground into the lower corner to increase the strength of the tap, while cooling and lubrication Keep up (with the pump), the life of the tap is relatively long! In general, the specific situation is treated

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