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New developed drill bit solve burr and chipping problems

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Update time : 2018-03-08 17:58:41

Hole machining accounts for a large proportion of machining, which is actually a chronic problem:
Hole machining tool used by the size of the hole size limit, poor rigidity, prone to bending deformation and vibration.

When machining a hole with a sizing tool, the size of the hole is often directly dependent on the corresponding size of the tool. Manufacturing errors and wear of the tool will directly affect the machining accuracy of the hole.
When the hole is machined, the cutting zone is inside the workpiece, the chip removal and heat dissipation conditions are poor, and the machining accuracy and surface quality are not easily controlled.
Difficulties listed above, presumably every machine people have a deep understanding. Problems often encountered in hole processing, such as poor roundness of the hole, tolerance can not be guaranteed, deep hole processing of chip removal, etc., and the choice of tools are not unrelated.
Aerospace Manufacturing Tool ADO-SUS
ADO-SUS is a drill bit newly developed by EJ specifically for stainless steel and titanium alloy machining. For those common problems in the processing of stainless steel and titanium alloys, ADO-SUS can be truly solved!

The advantages of ADO-SUS drills are:
1. Sharp cutting edges inhibit work hardening and increase tool life
2. WXL coating with excellent solvent resistance and adhesion prevents tool wear
3. New trough design to finely divide chips
4. The new inner cooling oil hole “MEGA COOLER”TM can increase the amount of cooling oil sprayed, so as to reduce the problem of excessive local temperature in the contact area and improve the chip removal.
5. Special cutter design reduces friction area and frictional heat to prevent excessive tool wear
D938 series deep hole twist drill
D938 series twist drill is one of the main push products of Xiamen Jinlu Solid Carbide Hole Machining Tools. It is suitable for the efficient drilling of P-type steel, K-type cast iron and M-type stainless steel. It is widely used in automobile industry and mold industry. , valve industry and construction machinery industry parts processing.
The development of the D938 series 12D/15D deep hole twist drill broadens the processing range, completes the product series and enhances the market competitiveness:
New substrate material combined with AlTiN nano-coating ensures good toughness and wear resistance
Special coating post-treatment to improve the surface finish, thinning the core thickness to increase the chip space, and polishing in the slot to make the chip removal more smooth
Double-edged design provides good guiding support
Straight cutting edge design with unique cutting edge for enhanced edge strength, optimized geometry and drill tip design, excellent self-centering performance, chip breaking performance and chip removal
D938 series twist drill design feature can ensure the consistency of cutting force throughout the drilling process, so that the drill has a faster cutting speed, a wider processing range, more stable cutting performance and higher life performance.