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Micro drill bit cutting diameter measure method

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Update time : 2018-11-30 10:53:53
We have customer told us the received micro drill bit with wrong size,cutting diameter less or large what they’ve required.
In such situation,we’ll let customer show their measure method with picture.and we found most customer are not very accurate in measuring micro drill bit.
Below we show the correct micro drill diameter measurement method, using the micrometer that most customers will use.
When using a micrometer, you need to just clamp the drill bit, not too hard or too loose, just enough to suspend the drill bit. The diameter of the drill bit measured at this time is the most accurate and correct.

Sample micro drill bit size:
cutting diameter:  0.78mm
Shank diameter:  3mm
Cutting length:  8mm
Tolerance:  -0.01
0.78 drill bit cutting diameter measure method