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Anti COVID-19, EJ Carbide stands together with you.

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Update time : 2020-04-06 17:38:29
Anti COVID-19,
EJ Carbide stands together with you.

As an important substance for national epidemic prevention, the shortage of masks has become a common problem faced by all parts of the world, which has also led to a sharp increase in the demand for mask production equipment and parts. This includes the key part of the production of mask melt-blown cloth-spinneret.

EJ Carbide works overtime to ensure the smooth production of special drill bits for spinnerets, helping to the anti epidemic prevention work.
micro drill for mask melt-blown cloth
EJ Carbide micro-drill spinneret processing special drill bit, using advanced ultra-fine grain carbide round bar production, excellent chip removal design makes the drill bit processing easier, equipped with the latest research and development of process coating, very suitable for stainless steel materials, high-hard materials processing.